About BON

Today, on 5 December 2015, in Stara Zagora, the representatives of theaters in the Balkan Region and other orgarizations, having declared their readiness for partnership after assessing the opportunities for a more active dialogue and mutual affinity to learn more about the creative authors from the Balkan Region, made a review of the traditions, recognized the potential of the participating theaters for the development of the musical performing arts, and on the basis of the defined corlmon interests, agreed on the following:
1. They create a constantly active and open initiative Balkan Opera Network, established within the framework of the Festival for Opera and Ballet Arts – StaraZagora2015.
2. The Network aims at creating conditions for regular and sustainable parhrerships in the spheres of the opera and ballet arts.
3. Activities which are to have a special priority in the functioning of the Initiative will be related to the mutual affinity to learn more about one another and popularization of the common historical past and cultural traditions.
4. The participants declare their common intention to exchange information about their creative activities, with the aim to achieve higher aesthetic results, better efficiency (in the sphere of attracting participant-authors and performers with successful intemational careers included).
5. The participants in the Initiative declare their common wish for production exchange sets, costumes ndproduction teams that will help cooperation and diversification of their repertoire policies.
6. The Balkan Opera Network will actively look for opportunities for joint realizations of co-productions, using the advantages given by the intergovemmental agreements for cultural cooperation.
7. At the intergovernmental level contacts, it will lobby before the competent institutions in each country for inclusion of texts facilitating cooperation in the spheres of the musical performing arts.
8. The Balkan Opera Network will actively seek possibilities to create corlmon resident programs which will allow prominent young authors and performers to create and participate in joint productions.
9. The Balkan Opera Network works for establishing internship programs which can enrich and improve training in the spheres of music, dance, cultural and creative industries, which are directly related to the activities of the participants.
10. The Balkan Opera Network will use the mechanisms of the European programs for cultural, trans-border, educational and scientific cooperation, as well as of joint activities with other similar initiatives and orgaruzations.
11. Initially, the Network will exist as a non-formal community, but the participants in it will actively seek opportunities for applying jointly to difterent European programs.
12.Te Balkan Opera Network will promote the outcomes of its activities at appropriate festivals in the Region.