The Network aims:
– at creating conditions for regular and sustainable parhrerships in the
spheres of the opera and ballet arts
– mutual affinity to learn more about one another and popularization of
the common historical past and cultural traditions
– exchange information about their creative activities, with the aim to achieve higher aesthetic results, better efficiency (in the sphere of attracting participant-authors and performers with successful intemational careers included).
– production exchange – sets, costumes and production teams that will help cooperation and diversification of their repertoire policies.
– co-productions, using the advantages given by the intergovemmental agreements for cultural cooperation
– At the intergovernmental level contacts, it will lobby before the competent institutions in each country for inclusion of texts facilitating cooperation in the spheres of the musical performing arts.
– corlmon resident programs which will allow prominent young authors and performers to create and participate in joint productions.
– internship programs which can enrich and improve training in the spheres of music, dance, cultural and creative industries, which are directly related to the activities of the participants.